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Kevin Oderman


Kevin Oderman is one of the few professors in the Department of English who wears a hat. It’s fair to surmise he has a number of hats at home. It’s rumored he even owns ball caps (worn exclusively bill forward). That it’s an array of hats rather than one single hat might be significant. He’s prey to enthusiasms. As an undergraduate, he thought English majors lived exclusively in coffeehouses. He did not yet like coffee; he studied other things. For his M.A., he focused on Medieval and Renaissance literature. For his Ph.D., Romantics, Modern European Novel, and Ezra Pound. For a while he wrote criticism on modern American poetry, then postmodern. Then he started writing literary nonfiction. Then a couple of novels. Then some more literary nonfiction. A book of his literary essays on travel is forthcoming. He’s still buying hats.


  • Creative Writing
  • American Poetry
  • American Literature