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The Ph.D. Program

The doctoral program in English has five goals:

  1. to build upon the broad foundations of the M.A. degree’s focus on the cultural, linguistic, and literary heritage of Britain, America, and other English-speaking lands;
  2. to help students to develop fluency in the critical discourses of the profession;
  3. to help students to develop professional competency in three fields of research, as dictated by the Examination for Formal Admission to Candidacy;
  4. to help students to develop the research, writing, and analytical skills necessary for professional success; and
  5. to provide professional training and counseling to prepare graduates to teach English professionally on the post-secondary level.

These goals are met by the various features of our program, which include course work, examinations, and both formal and informal instruction and advising regarding professional teaching and research responsibilities. Doctoral study culminates in the writing of the dissertation, which is designed to contribute to the critical and/or theoretical discussion in its field and to prepare the doctoral candidate for further research and publication as a professional scholar and teacher.

Application information for the Ph.D. Program can be found here

More information can be found in the Graduate Student Handbook

For additional information about the PhD Program, please contact:

Adam Komisaruk, Ph.D. Supervisor
Phone: 304-293-9724

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