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Anthony Swofford

Assistant Professor

Anthony Swofford teaches graduate and undergraduate creative writing and literary adaptation. He writes nonfiction, novels, television, film, and poems. He's currently finishing a biography of Carlos Arredondo, a Gold Star father and hero of the 2013 Boston Marathon Bombing (Knopf, 2018). He's adapting that book for HBO Films. He's also working on a book-length essay called On Being Fat; a time travel novel, Sixty Diamond Minutes; and a prose poem cycle about right-wing extremism, Right Wing Radio Flyer. His books include Jarhead and Exit A. He has been a Brown Foundation Fellow at the Dora Maar residency in Menerbes, France, and Jarhead received the Martha Albrand Art of Memoir Award from PEN. He has appeared on Fresh Air, All Things Considered, The Wolf Blitzer Show, The Daily Show, and a bunch of other places he can’t remember. His writing has appeared in Harper’s, The Guardian, Post Road, and the New York Times. He speaks and presents about the cultural role of the warrior writer/artist and the need for this voice and perspective to help build the progressive agendas of human rights and democratic institutions.

His teaching and research areas include: memoir; reportage; biography; the essay; short stories; the novel; creative writing pedagogy; feature film writing; television writing; literary adaptations; literature of the American and Japanese military WWII Pacific Campaigns; American and Japanese occupation of the Philippines; military violence against the transgender; California literary history; history of military combat veterans in Hollywood media and entertainment; masculinity studies.