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Carrickshock Project

Photo of album art for "Carrickshock."

collection of poetry, fiction, and nonfiction writers from our program have recently collaborated on the folk song “Carrickshock.”  The song commemorates the 190th anniversary of The Carrickshock Massacre in Ireland.  Liam Wholihan, the lyricist and composer of the song and a second-year poet in our program, explains, “We wanted to commemorate the events at Carrickshock in a way that continued the Irish tradition of memorial through song, challenged the way Nationalist narratives tint our view of Irish history, and attended to the event's violence, loss of life, and colonial trauma with care, all contextualized through rigorous review of primary and secondary sources.”  

The project began as part of Dr. Lisa Weihman's Irish Literature & Commemoration class in Fall 2021.

This Linktree provides multiple ways to listen to the song:

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