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Literary and Cultural Studies

Bachelors of Arts in English with an emphasis in Literary and Cultural Studies

Read broadly. Write powerfully. Think deeply.

Immerse yourself in the books, films, and other texts that define our culture and those around the world. By majoring in the study of literature and language, you will develop skills in communication, research, and critical thinking.  

Our award-winning faculty teach courses in American, British, and world literature, linguistics, film studies, environmental literature, and popular culture. Faculty members bring exciting research interests and a passion for teaching into the classroom every day. Our small class sizes encourage student and faculty interaction.

As an English major, you will become a more adept reader and writer, cultivate a vital understanding of language and culture, and consider the relationship between history and literature. You will find opportunities to extend your learning beyond the classroom. You can study abroad, pursue an internship, join a literary club, and attend the many talks and events sponsored by the English Department.

English provides the foundation for a lifetime’s education and prepares students for many exciting career paths.

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