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Scientific & Technical Writing

Bachelor of Science in Scientific and Technical Writing

The Department of English offers two degrees under the Writing Studies program: a BS in Scientific and Technical Writing and a BA in Professional Writing and Editing.

Technically complex fields like science and engineering look for job candidates who can communicate clearly, efficiently, and effectively. A BS degree in Scientific and Technical Writing (STW) provides students with the experience and credentials needed to write, design, and communicate complex topics. Scientific and technical writers possess the critical, rhetorical and technical knowledge necessary to produce successful and effective communications. Students who double-major in STW and another discipline are doubly-prepared to succeed given their writing skills and subject matter expertise.

Students who choose the STW path are often interested in professional careers as writers, editors, researchers, and related careers in science, industry, and other professions that emphasize strong analytical and interpretive skills as well as creative problem-solving skills.  It also prepares students for the writing and research skills they need for advanced academic work, especially for those who wish to pursue research in technically-dense fields. Students can choose to emphasize in a particular area, including Science and Health, and Public and Professional Writing.

STW students participate in a capstone internship to gain real-world, professional experience. This STW capstone course provides a venue for students to apply the skills and knowledge that they have acquired during their training as STW majors. Students intern with local and regional businesses, non-profit organizations, government agencies, and centers and organizations within WVU.

Interested in graduate study? The BS in Scientific and Technical Writing offers students an opportunity to complete both their bachelor’s degree and their master’s degree in five years rather than six.

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