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Alumni Spotlight

Rachael Garner, MA in PWE, 2015.  Kelley

Rachael (Kelley) Garner’s internship materialized out of a casual conversation with a friend’s relative, who asked her about her graduate school work. When Rachael began talking about the PWE program, the woman asked for her resume because her employer, the Teaching Institute for Excellence in STEM (TIES), needed a grant writer. As a grant writer intern for TIES, Rachael had three primary tasks over the course of the semester: designing and writing a comprehensive “menu of services” to serve as boilerplate for future proposal writing, writing cost proposals whenever requests came in from clients, and contributing to a grant that TIES submitted to the Office of Naval Research. Thanks to her positive internship experience, Rachael accepted a full-time job offer from TIES upon her completion of the PWE program.