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Center for Writing Excellence

The Center for Writing Excellence (CWE) supports faculty, students, and staff in the improvement of writing and the teaching of writing at West Virginia University.


The CWE supports writing in a wide variety of forms.  Goals include:
  • Coordination and assessment of the University’s required writing courses (related to GEF)
  • Ongoing assessment of other campus and community writing needs
  • Development of new writing programs to meet the needs of West Virginia students and citizens
  • Outreach to the campus and community
  • Support for and development of creative and professional writing
  • Research on writing and the teaching of writing

Faculty and Staff

Programs and Courses

The CWE coordinates several programs and their related courses:
  • SpeakWrite™  is an Eberly College initiative to foster effective communication across disciplines with a common framework of questions related to purpose, audience, conventions, and trouble spots (PACT).  
  • Undergraduate Writing Program consists of three General Education Foundation courses: English 101, English 102, and English 103.
  • The Creative Writing Program consists of courses in fiction, nonfiction and poetry. The department currently offers an undergraduate major concentration, a minor, and an MFA in creative writing.
  • The Professional Writing and Editing Program offers courses in writing for business, industry and science. We currently offer a minor/concentration for undergraduates and an MA in professional writing and editing.
  • The Writing Studio helps students become better writers. It exists to help students succeed by providing a supportive environment where writers can develop knowledge, reflect on their work and build confidence.