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Jill Woods

Teaching Assistant Professor/Undergraduate PWE Internship Coordinator

Prior to joining the teaching faculty of West Virginia University in 2009, Jill Woods spent more than a decade as a professional writer and editor in various fields—healthcare, insurance, manufacturing—positioning herself to teach applied communication and experiential learning courses through the English department’s Professional Writing & Editing program. She earned her PhD in Instructional Design & Technology from WVU.


Professional & Technical Communication

Experiential Learning

Distance Education

Instructional Design & Technology


Courses Taught

English 301: Writing Theory & Practice (F2F and online)

English 302: Editing (F2F and online)

English 304: Business & Professional Writing (F2F and online)

English 305: Technical Writing (F2F and online)

English 491A: Professional Field Experience—Capstone (F2F and online)

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