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Christine Hoffmann

Associate Professor

Curriculum Vitae

Professor Hoffmann specializes in early modern English Literature and the rhetoric and ethics of social media. She is the author of Stupid Humanism: Folly as Competence in Early Modern and Twenty-First-Century Culture. Drawing comparisons between the Renaissance period and the twenty-first century has allowed her to write and publish work that puts together Milton and memes; queerness and copia; Spenserian allegory and humble-bragging; Shakespearean comedy and negative campaigning; early modern melancholy and 21st-century public shaming. She is currently at work on two essays - "Shakespeare's Spam Poetics" and "We Should All Be Snowflakes" - as well as a new book-length project tentatively titled From Confiscation to Compensation: Detention Centers as Heterotopian Cabinets of Curiosity.


Early Modern British Literature
Ecocriticism & Environmental writing

Selected Publications:

  • Stupid Humanism: Folly as Competence in Early Modern and Twenty-First-Century Culture.
  • “Folly 2012! The Campaign for Foolishness in 21st-Century Politics.” PMLA 130.2 (2015): 299-314.
  • “Past the Endurance of a Block’: Much Ado About Planking.” Object Oriented Environs. Punctum books, 2015.
  • “Middling Through Somehow: Queer Temporality and the Disaster Meme.” Rhizomes: Cultural Studies in Emerging Knowledge 26 (2014).
  • “Cheaters, Saints, and Simultaneous Narrative: Early- and Postmodern Lessons from Thomas More’s The History of Richard III.” College Literature 40.1 (2013): 96-120.
  • "Go Make Yourself Un-Useful." TECHStyle. 27 February 2013.
  • “Teaching, Speaking, Living the Rhetoric of Struggle: Elizabeth Cary’s School of Wisdom.” CEA Critic 74.2 (2012): 39-59.
  • "Who’s Chasing Whom? Utility, Metamorphosis & the Humanities." TECHStyle. 5 November 2012.
  • "The Rhetoric of Occupy Wall Street." TECHStyle. 26 November 2011.
  • “Biting More than ‘We’ can Chew: the Royal Appetite in Richard II and 1 & 2 Henry IV.” Papers on Language and Literature 45.4 (2009): 358-385.
  • “Happiness is a Warm Scythe: the Evolution of Villainy and Weaponry in the Buffyverse.” Slayage: the Online International Journal of Buffy Studies 27 (2009).