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Lara Farina

Professor; M.A./Ph.D. Program Supervisor

Curriculum Vitae
Lara Farina specializes in medieval literature and culture, sensory studies, and histories of embodiment. She is the author of Erotic Discourse and Early English Religious Writing (Palgrave) and of articles on practices of reading, sensory history, and queer theory. She is also an editor of the award-winning journal, postmedieval ( ), for which she co-edited a special issue, The Intimate Senses

Her current research focuses on the sense of touch in the Middle Ages and on imaginations (both medieval and modern) of non-human forms of perception. This work has led her toward ecocritical approaches to cultural study and to experimental forms of scholarly publication.


  • Medieval Literature
  • Sensory Studies
  • Ecocriticism

Recent Publications:

The Middle Shore. Online: Electric Press, 2018.

An online, collaborative project on the affective dimensions of collecting and curating fragmentary artifacts.  The site includes exhibits, essays, and audio files, and will host continuing installations.

“Vegetal Continuity and the Naming of Species,” invited article published in Premodern Plants, a special issue of postmedieval, eds. Robert Barratt and Vin Nardizzi. 2018.

“Get a Grip: The Tactile Object of Handlyng Synne.” In Feeling Things: Objects and Emotions Through History, eds. Stephanie Downes, et al. Oxford, UK: Oxford UP, 2018.

“Curl.” in Veer Ecology, eds. Jeffrey J. Cohen and Lowell Duckert. Minneapolis, MN: Minnesota UP, 2017.

“Working and Playing on The Middle Shore.” With Katherine Richards. In Digital Medieval Literature and Culture, eds. Jen Boyle and Helen Burgess. Routledge, 2017.