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Erin Brock Carlson

Assistant Professor

Erin Brock Carlson’s research specialties include professional and technical communication, participatory methodologies, and public-digital rhetorics. Her current projects include mapping out the influences and impacts of community organizing in rural Appalachia, theorizing visual and flexible approaches to social justice work in technical communication, and considering the role of place-based methods in engagement pedagogy. She teaches courses in professional, technical, and multimedia writing, as well as digital humanities and methods.  


  • Professional and Technical Communication

  • Participatory Research Methodologies

  • Public and Digital Rhetorics

  • Community and Civic Engagement 

Recent Publications:

  • Overmyer, Trinity, & Brock Carlson, Erin. (October 2019). Unpacking place as a design thinking tool. Journal of Business and Technical Communication Special Issue on Design Thinking. https://doi-org/10.1177/1050651919854079
  • Brock Carlson, Erin. (June 2019). Please sign here (and share it to your Facebook and Twitter feeds): Online petitions and inventing for circulation. Computers and Composition 52.
  • Brock Carlson, Erin. (March 2019). Metis as embodied, techno-feminist intervention: Rhetorically listening to Periods for Pence. Computers and Composition 51
  • Brock Carlson, Erin. (Winter 2018). Navigating shifting social media networks: An ecological approach to anonymous mobile applications. Kairos 22.2.
  • Brock Carlson, Erin, & Overmyer, Trinity. (November 2018). Photovoice methods: Interrogating participant-researcher dynamics through digital, mobile data. In Research Methods for the Digital Humanities. Lewis Levenberg, Tai Neilson, & David Rheams (Eds.). Palgrave Macmillan.