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Omar Yacoub

Service Assistant Professor and the Assistant Director of Writing Across Communication

Omar Yacoub is a Service Assistant Professor and the Assistant Director of Writing Across Communication, where he teaches composition courses and manages several duties in SpeakWrite and the Writing Studio. Omar has a wide range of teaching experiences. He taught English as a Second Language (ESL) at different language centers and schools in Egypt, and at the American Language Institute at Indiana University of Pennsylvania (IUP). Omar’s expertise is in composition and writing studies, with a specialization in STEM writing, particularly business, medical and computer science writing. He held teaching positions where he taught business writing and technical and professional communications, and administrative positions where he acted as a Business Writing Coordinator and a Writing Center Assistant Director. He has published in leading journals in the field, such as Written Communication and Composition Studies. He recently won the Association for Writing Across the Curriculum “Best Article Focus on Research Award” on a co-authored article, titled “Threshold Genres: A 10-Year Exploration of a Medical Writer’s Development and Social Apprenticeship through the Patient SOAP Note”. Also, He received the “Promising Future Research in Composition Award” on his dissertation, titled “Undergraduate Computer Science Students’ Ways of Transferring Prior and Concurrent Writing Knowledge: Exploring Disciplinary and Individual Knowledge Domains” from the Department of English at IUP. In addition to his teaching and academic scholarship, Omar has a strong profile of community service where he serves incarcerated communities in the Department of Corrections in Pennsylvania and works with two refugee organizations in Pittsburgh to support refugee students’ English language learning and college experiences.

You can learn more about Omar by visiting his website here.