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Benjamin Myers

  • West Virginia University, MA in Professional Writing and Editing, 2012muyers
  • West Virginia University, MA in English Literature, 2012
  • Western Michigan University, BA in Women and Gender Studies, English, and Philosophy
  • Proposal Coordinator and Editor, AMEX International, Inc.
  • Washington, DC

I was drawn to WVU’s Professional Writing and Editing (PWE) program because of my interest in understanding both the theory and practice of technical writing. As my long-term goals shifted from pursuing a PhD in rhetoric and technical communication to finding employment as a technical writer, the PWE program made the transition feel seamless.

Working with Dr. Sandy Baldwin at WVU’s Center for Literary Computing (CLC) allowed me to get hands-on experience designing and managing university websites, editing text and code for the Electronic Book Review, and working extensively with InDesign and Photoshop to produce the second book in the Computing Literature series, Writing Under: Selections from the Internet Text. Dr. Baldwin offered me an array of interesting and challenging opportunities that provided me with relevant, firsthand experience. In addition to working at the CLC, I had the opportunity to work with Dr. Nathalie Singh-Corcoran at the WVU Writing Center. Dr. Singh-Corcoran provided me with an opportunity to gain experience managing workshops, social media, and undergraduate tutors as well as substantial experience as a writing tutor working one-on-one with undergraduate and graduate students with incredibly diverse backgrounds, experiences, and projects. My time at the CLC and the Writing Center, along with Dr. Baldwin’s digital humanities course and Dr. Catherine Gouge’s editing course, provided me with technical knowledge and experience that I find myself regularly drawing upon.

I am currently a proposal coordinator and editor for AMEX International, a small government contractor that primarily works with the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) in support of a wide range of aid-based projects around the world. In this role, I both contribute to and manage the production of proposals, reports, promotional materials, and internal documents. Additionally, because of my experiences at WVU, I regularly work on technology-based projects such implementing and managing our VoIP system, designing and managing SharePoint pages, producing audiovisual content, and contributing to our website redesign.

My graduate coursework, teaching experience, and my work with the CLC and the Writing Center have all provided me with a range of tools and experiences that I can draw upon in my current position with AMEX.