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M.A. in English

The Master of Arts (M.A.) degree in English is designed for students who have shown an aptitude for sustained literary study, and who desire to pursue a more intensive and extensive academic training. The two-year M.A. program extends knowledge of the cultural, linguistic, and literary heritage of Great Britain, America, and other English-speaking lands, and develops the research, writing, and analytical skills necessary for professional success. 

Every student admitted to the M.A. program is guaranteed funding for two academic years, the customary time to degree, as a Graduate Teaching Assistant (G.T.A.).  This position includes an annual salary of $16,000, a waiver of university tuition, and student health insurance.  Students may also seek research assistantships through the Eberly Writing Studio or the Appalachian Prison Book Project; these may carry course reassignments, additional stipends, or both.  Summer teaching is available but not required.

Particular areas of departmental strength include:

Graduates of our M.A. program have gone on for doctoral work at top-ranked universities (Rice, Northwestern, Ohio) as well as to careers in law, secondary education (public, private, parochial), and civil service.

For more information on degree requirements, please take a look at the Graduate Student Handbook for English (click on button below).  You can also download a sampling of our current graduate course descriptions, which are updated prior to registration each semester.  

Graduate Catalog Description  Graduate Student Handbook

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