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M.A. in Professional Writing and Editing

Professional writers do more than simply translate complex, technical information into easy-to-read prose. Professional writers assess the information needs of audiences from different languages and cultural backgrounds, and analyze how written texts circulate through the organizations in which they work. Professional writers possess the critical, rhetorical and technical knowledge necessary to produce successful and effective communications.

The M.A. in Professional Writing and Editing (PWE) combines theories of writing and practice in these real-world writing situations. You will study professional writing theory, rhetoric, editing, new modes of digital composition, and writing ethics over 30 credit hours. This program prepares you for a variety of career options, including technical writing and editing, project management, writing consulting, writing instruction, and advanced graduate study in rhetoric and composition. It is designed for recent graduates and full-time professionals seeking more training in writing and editing.

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MA in PWE Program Goals

The program is designed to enable students to achieve the following goals:

Language Requirement for the MA in PWE

The M.A. in PWE requires that students demonstrate proficiency in foreign language, statistics, or computer programming. Many incoming PWE students have already fulfilled this requirement through their undergraduate foreign language coursework. PWE students who have not recently completed language coursework must meet the requirement in one of following ways: