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Ph.D. in English

The doctoral program in English develops fluency in the critical discourses of the profession and prepares graduates to teach English professionally on the post-secondary level, or to enter a wide range of alternate academic careers.

Particular areas of departmental strength include:
You can also download a sampling of our current graduate course descriptions, which are updated prior to registration each semester.  For more information on degree requirements, please take a look at the Graduate Student Handbook for English.
Graduate Catalog Description Graduate Student Handbook
Students may also specialize in a wide range of literatures and cultures, including but not limited to:
Medieval  Early American 
Renaissance & Early Modern  19th Century American 
17th Century  20th Century American 
Restoration and 18th Century  Contemporary American 
Romantic  Literary Theory 
Victorian  Cultural Studies 
Modern British  Digital Humanities 
Contemporary British Poetry 
Postcolonial  Drama 
Global Anglophone  The Novel 
Transatlantic  Nonfiction 
Native American  Rhetoric 

Graduate Catalog Description Graduate Student Handbook