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Celeste Lantz

  • lantzWest Virginia University, BA in English with a concentration in Professional Writing & Editing and a minor in Women’s and Gender Studies, 2014
  • West Virginia University, MA in Professional Writing and Editing, 2016
  • Proofreader/Editorial Assistant at Bookbright Media
  • Atlanta, GA

I am currently a proofreader and editorial assistant at Bookbright Media, a publishing project management company based in Atlanta, GA. We provide workflow and quality assurance consulting to global educational, library, and academic publishers to produce digital archives, foreign language reference and instruction books, anthologies and readers, and print and digital textbooks. My role is to provide editorial support to print and digital reference materials and textbooks. Although I am not in a traditional “editorial assistant” role, I am able to work with a wide variety of subject matter and while getting a glimpse into the production process. As a proofreader, I’m able to continue honing my skills as an editor and learning about subjects I otherwise would never have been exposed to, all while contributing to my team with my background in theory and critical thinking.

My degree in Professional Writing and Editing has allowed me to complete any task my employer gives me and pushed me to further develop flexible strategies to approach different tasks. During my time at West Virginia University, I was able to have a hand in a number of widely varying areas, including work at The Daily Athenaeum, the Center for Literary Computing, and the West Virginia University Press. The diverse range of courses and brilliant staff at WVU helped provide the educational foundation I draw from on a near-daily basis. One of my biggest projects so far has been proofreading an updated edition of a dictionary of pronunciation, and my brief introduction into sociolinguistics put me in a position to make confident editorial decisions and aid the other members of my team. My time at WVU has prepared me to work with other brilliant and talented individuals working toward a common goal of excellence, something the faculty and staff work to instill in their students and colleagues. I am truly proud to be a Mountaineer.