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Melissa Yost

I’ve always had a passion for writing but I didn’t exactly know where to go with that dream. After meeting with advisors, I thought it would be best to major in general English so that I could figure out my career path along the way. However, one of my beginning English teachers brought up PWE, and after researching all of the jobs it prepares you for, I decided to choose that as my specialty.

I am currently working as a Marketing Consultant for N-Play RE LLC, the leading provider of real estate applications and services on Facebook. N-Play’s Real Estate Agent Directory is the largest community of agents on any social media platform with over 340,000 members. Through N-Play’s services, I strive to educate real estate professionals on how to connect with new leads, run custom advertising campaigns, brand themselves professionally, and grow their network socially.

My job includes, but is not limited to

Throughout my PWE courses at WVU, I learned a lot about writing, editing, and general ways to incorporate marketing through those two skills.

A large part of my job, and one that I feel I most implement my PWE skills in, is to launch advertisements on social media platforms, mainly focusing on Facebook. I use the skillset that PWE taught me in using words to capture the attention of an audience, edit advertising creative copy for my clients, as well as use a strategic mindset in launching ads.

The real obstacle when working with creative copy for ads is that you only have a short amount of time to grab and keep the attention of the intended audience. My PWE courses really helped with discovering the creative edge that I need in the fast-paced world of social media marketing.